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PVDF Coating Aluminum Composite Panel

The panel consists of two sheets of corrosion resistant aluminum permanently bonded to polyethylene
core material. The front aluminum coats PVDF paint. Because of its excellent weather proof and other
features, the panel becomes a very popular Cladding materials in the world.


Light weight, high strength, extreme rigidity and flatness. Good weatherproofness, acid-resistance,
alkali-resistance. Outstanding color and gloss retention in a virtually limitless range of hues.
Excellent in heat insulation, sound insulation. Easily processed and fabricated, quickly installed.
Good flexibility fits various designs. Easily maintenance, simply cleaning.


Panel thickness: 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm
Panel width: 1220mm,1250mm,1570mm(maximum)
Panel length: 2440mm,3050mm,3200mm,3660mm
Aluminum skin thickness: 0.18mm,0.21mm,0.30mm,0.40mm,0.50mm




1)Building exterior curtain walls
2)Decoration reformation storey-addition for old buildings
3)Decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies
4)Shop’s door decoration
5)Advertisement boards, display platforms and signboards
6)Wallboards and ceilings for tunnel
7)Industrial material, vehicle and boat materials

PVDF Coating Aluminum Composite Panel    PVDF Coating Aluminum Composite Panel    PVDF Coating Aluminum Composite Panel

PVDF Coating Aluminum Composite Panel

  • Bright Red
  • Sea Blue
  • Dark White
  • Rat Grey
  • Dark Silver Grey
  • Pure Yellow
  • Yuanbao Golden
  • Milk Yellow
  • Telecom blue
  • Dark Pearl
  • Silver Amboss

Main Features:
Super weatherability

PVDF coating has special advantage in weather resistance. PVDF Aluminum composite panel can keep best appearance whatever extremely hot or frigid weather.
High peel strength
U.S.A Dopont technology and raw materials has made our PVDF Aluminum composite panels in National Top level. The peel strength of our PVDF ACP has exceeded 50% of national standard.
Impact resistance
Dopont adhesive film, the FULLSUN and JINCHAOYANG paints, Southwest Aluminum alloy are adopted. After high temperature lamination, the product can keep good shape even in wind-blown-sand's climate.
Evenly coating and customized color
We have our own stable quality control system and imported chemical and coating lines. The alloy surface is treated by chemical treatment and oxidative foils technology, giving strongly adhesive force between alloy and the coating layers. Additionally, we have many colors for your choices.
Maintenance free
ROCKBOND products have good feature of self-cleaning. If it is used in heavy polluted area, users just need to use the neutral detergent to keep the panel in new appearance.