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Corrugated Aluminum Composite panel


Aluminum corrugated composite panel was initially developed in China by Ningbo Rocking Group Co.,Ltd. It is a high class building and decorative material laminated with high-temperature adhesive film, the outer layer is an aluminum alloy plate, the sandwiched layer is a corrugated structure, made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum corrugated composite panel is strong in rigidity, good in fire-resistance and anti peel-off strength, and it can be recycled. Nonetheless, it is a new, light-weight and environmental-friendly material, which can also be curved in shape, and grooved according to actual requirements.


Corrugated aluminum composite panel is a kind of external construction material of high strength, which was only applied to the aeronautic industry in the past. The surface layer of corrugated aluminum composite panel is aluminum alloy sheet, while the central layer is the corrugated core structure made of aluminum, which has excellent rigidity and is the best one of the metallic wall material available today.


Our company can produce 300,000M2 aluminum corrugated panel a year, Products: self-cleaning nano-aluminum corrugated panel, perfluorocarbons PVDF aluminum corrugated panel, pattern aluminum corrugated panel, contoured aluminum corrugated panel, the external walls of aluminum corrugated panel, interior walls aluminum corrugated panel, punching aluminum corrugated panel, hyperbolic bend round Al corrugated panel, wide aluminum corrugated panel, aluminum corrugated panel of noise, aluminum corrugated panel, and other modeling, high-grade aluminum corrugated panel.


These products are widely used in the construction of metal walls decorated ﹑ external metal roof ﹑ metal ceiling, interior decoration ﹑ cars, automotive interior ﹑ advertising panels ﹑ furniture finishes ﹑ Xiangti partition ﹑activities of the guard post, and other charges , A nice energy-saving insulation ﹑ weathering light weight and good ﹑ easy processing ﹑ impact resistance ﹑ fire performance and easy maintenance ﹑more color characteristics, is the latest modern decorative plates.


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