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Composite sandwich panels


This site is dedicated to providing useful information on all aspects of lightweight composite sandwich panels from both an engineering point of view, and from a non-engineers perspective.
Sandwich panels are modern lightweight building components used to cover walls and roofs of buildings and to isolate spaces inside buildings. They are typically made of two thin metal sheets with an insulating core between the faces.

Composite sandwich panels are incredibly useful materials to form strong lightweight structures used in everyday life.

Sandwich panels using honeycomb, balsa, or foam are constantly helping to reduce weight and increase strength in a myriad of products today.

The use of sandwich panels is continuously increasing and new application areas are opened in industrial, residential and office buildings. The European Standard for sandwich panels EN 14509 has a lack of rules or requirements for many important areas like fastening of the panels, openings in panels, axially loaded panels and panels stabilizing frame structures. Despite there is a lot of knowledge in different countries on these subjects, no common rules have been developed, thus putting a hinder to the standardisation and leading to barriers for some of these applications.


We are professional aluminum composite panel manufacturer in China. Aluminum composite panel is a kind of new material formed by combined machining technics. Its surface layer adopts paint aluminum sheet, undergoing surface treatment. Its sandwich layer adopts materials mixed by PE and PP plastics.


The second goal of the project is to implement the new information in the use in practice, which will be carried out through seminars and practical guidelines as well as e-learning modules. The subjects are of high industrial and user interest. The project introduces guidelines for topics not included in the present version of the standard but will on the base of this research be implemented in a later revision of the standard. The subjects are very important in practice. Practical guidelines and seminars will help and broaden the correct and safe use of sandwich panels in Europe and ICPC. The innovative parts of the project are new applications like the in-plane shear and axial resistance.


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