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Aluminum plastic composite panel


Aluminum plastic composite panels with large weather resistance, super peel strength, impact resistance, light weight. Aluminium Composite Panel is short for aluminium plastic composite panel, which is composed of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium. And the surface of the panel is covered with a protective peel-off film. Our aluminium composite panel has the distinguished features of super peeling strength, strong durability, fireproof, impact resistance with noise absorptive, multiple colors and coating evenness and it is easy to be processed.


Introduction of Aluminum Composite Plastic Panel
Aluminum composite plastic panel is a kind of triple-layer panel. Its top and bottom parts are made of aluminium while middle part adopts plastic material. Three layers are combined together by being pressured and heated to high temperature. The exterior surfaces of aluminum composite plastic panel are coated with decorative and protective films.

Aluminum composite plastic panels can be divided into interior panels and exterior panels in terms of applications, or common type and fire-retardant type in terms of performance. They are suitable for interior and exterior walls of building, decorating wallboard of tunnels, curtain, front wall, exhibition table and the bodies of automobiles, ships and machines.


Features of Aluminium Composite Plastic Panel:
1. It is easy to print on the exterior coating, thus making the composite panel suitable for different advertisement designs.
2. After being coated with PVDF, the product has the features of weather-resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-pollution andanti-ultraviolet and better luster retentivity.
3. The adoption of roller coating procession makes it is easy to control the stability of coating thickness, with no color difference.
4. Strong resistance to chemical reagents: acid resistance, alkaline resistance, salt spray resistance.
5. With excellent flatness, it is easy to maintain and clean.

6. Adopting low density polyethylene (LDPE) as the core material, it is very light in weight, thereby reducing the load of the building and decreasing the cost accordingly.
7. Through the process of cutting, bending, punching, sticking and painting, it could be processed to various forms.
8. Our aluminum composite panel is of 4mm in thickness, giving a better sound insulation.
9. The good heat insulation of LDFE core makes the composite sheet have a better-than-average heat insulation effect.

Aluminum Composite Panel