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PE aluminium composite plastic panel

PE aluminium plastic composite panel with superior weather-resistance and ultraviolet(UV) resistance, acid-resistance.

PE aluminium Plastic Composite Panel has features of good quality, light weight, cheap, weather resistance.


1) Excellent quality

2) Light weight and easy to process

3) Super weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance

4) Super impact resistance

5) Easy to maintain

6) One face coated, various colors

7) Easy finished with conventional woodworking tools. Short time needs for projects

8) Various colors are available according to your needs

9) Super peeling strength


Application scope:

1) Façade, wall cladding, roofs,

2) Curtain wall decoration for buildings, such as hospitals, schools, airports, stations.

3) Wallboards and ceilings for tunnels

4) Movable houses

5) Gas piping, cables, building materials,

6) Materials for industrial application, car and ship bodies

7) Kitchens, interior walls, signboards



1) World-level advanced production line, supply ability is 10000sqm per day

2) Testing during each stage of production

3) Finished products go through strict quality inspection before dispatching

4) Delivery time: 10-15days

5) The guarantee period: PE is 7-10 years; PVDF is 10-15 years

6) Packing: in bulk or wooden case//pallet

7) OEM Service Offered, design service offered, buyer label offered


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